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Envelopes are popular products, emerged from a long time, but until now it really true level of interest, became effective products with high marketing, that’s why print envelopes Day service grown. However, not everyone can understand, to give birth to a perfect envelope as you see, it must go through certain stages?

We also learn a few basic processes in the design envelope below:

Design envelope shape

First we need to shape the envelope shape that we want to design, such as diamond, cross folded or shaped kites … each carries a separate feature, showing the level of each enterprise. As we well know, the traditional envelopes are rectangular folding 4 edge back, however, if you want to make an impression for your brand, you should refer to the shape of envelopes listed above.

Demonstrating the level of individual enterprises

Demonstrating the level of individual enterprises

Printing Material

The envelope is a common packaging, usually made of materials such as paper or cacton. It is designed to accommodate a thin flat object, such as a letter or document. However, for many businesses a distinct design, select a thick paper, printing hardware and good to be able to print photos, the color on it is easy and nice.

Design Images

We should pay attention and color logo design, brand name, company name harmoniously. Logo can leave in the middle, or left or right on the edge of the envelope, the brand name, too. However, even though it is located in what should also be prominent, impressive.

Shape shaped envelopes

Shape shaped envelopes

Other issues

With images such as information about your business, just in small, located in the bottom envelope or the back. We should also pay attention to the color accents. Should use the main color of the business to demonstrate consistency in marketing strategy. Absolutely do not use colors other than the color brand.

Besides designing and printing small envelopes, some businesses require services companies in HCM paper bag packaging printing large, used to store important documents, such as contracts. This type of packaging design similar envelopes but larger sizes and can use different kinds of paper materials.

After completing the design of the original shape of the envelope, customers will see and browse samples, after about one week will be considered in test samples. If satisfied, the service company started the process for the introduction of printing and perfect products to customers.

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